Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A hike through the untouched Blue mountains

As we woke up in the morning the clouds from the previous night’s rain were still lingering around, and the air being a bit nippy made the morning seem perfect for a hike. Armed with our umbrellas just incase of any showers and carrying our backpack packed with goodies for the kids we drove off to toward the college just to be greeted by numerous other enthusiastic hikers at the Somnath foiar, who all wanted to be a part of the closing hike.
After the quick formal briefing by the officer in charge, we quickly scrambled into the awaiting buses , which were to drive us to the hike start point on Kotagiri road. The hike was to start at this point on Kotagiri road and end at the officers mess to be followed by the traditional Beer and Biryani. With spirits really high as this being the last hike for the 66th course across the beautiful Niligiri hills I guess the weather too decided to cheer up a bit and we had the warm sun streaming down on us. The walk from the dropping point to Ralia dam was a familiar path for many of us and left us craving for more challenging paths. Little did we know what was yet to follow. We had been briefed that we would be going up to the much heard about Toda village. Those fellow members who had been a part of the hunt club had already had us going green with envy every time they had narrated their tails of cantering through inaccessible and picturesque pastured while crossing the Toda villages during their hunt sessions. And this time it would be us would be venturing into such territories. The thought itself was quite exciting . Though I must admit the levels of excitement were further elevated when we heard we would be able to shop some Toda handy crafts too. A woman’s prospective after all!!
The 2 km walk up from the dam to the village was an adventure on its own as we walked though the dense woods .At the village we were greeted with a familiar site of cakes and tea and the ever refreshing ‘Nimbu Pani’ and ofcourse the curious glances of the shy Toda tribal villagers . The ladies had already laid out the beautifully hand embroidered shawls and bags for display and to be bought by those willing to and men folk were escorting the officers and the ladies to show them the tribal huts and the Toda temple. The entertainment session began with an unusual competition of picking up a huge rock by the men folk on their shoulders. As the legend goes in this village, to prove his manhood and win a girl’s hand , the guy had to lift this huge bolder on his shoulder without any external help. We were amazed at the swiftness and ease with which they lifted it up. I guess hearts within hearts most of the officers were counting their blessings that they were already married. Though we did have a few takers of this challenge from our end and surprisingly a few were victorious too. This was followed by a small dance performance first by the men folk and the by ladies wherein the our ladies and children from the DSSC too joined in. After thanking the villagers for their hospitality and giving them our token of appreciation we moved on to our next and final lap of the hike.
I must say I actually felt like a character out of one the Enid Blyton books as we walked through the dense woods in a single file, almost expecting pixies to be jumping out from no where .The tuffed moss carpet seem so soft as we trampled over them and the dense growth over our heads wouldn’t even allow the sun’s rays to slide through. We caught sight of some rare and beautiful flowers as we crossed a jungle style log bridge over a little steam. Everyone had surprisingly quietened down as though we were scared to frighten some thing . The carrot of beer and biryani always does its trick and so did it this time and we had everyone wanting to hurry back to the mess and chill out there.
The last hike for the 66th course was beyond doubt a memorable experience and for all those involved in painstakingly making this experience worth while , your efforts are truely appreciated.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful World ....amazing Sunday

In my ordeal of exploring and looking for my piece of beautiful world or things that make it really beautiful , around me this Sunday was a feather in the cap. After a glorious weekend last Sunday , at the carnival , where laughter and music filling the air this quite Sunday atop a hill was a striking contrast. But it sure was a pleasure as my family and a few friends lazed around under the beautiful blue sky, on a lush green carpet of grass, as the sun tanned us, almost beyond recognition. It just gave my poor old bones, which had shrivelled up thanks to the cold another opportunity to stretch out to their maximum length. Woopy I have finally had two successive fun filled weekends.

A lane of lilies in full bloom.

We spent our day at a beautiful little homestead called Sherlock , near Ooty. The weather was perfect , the food just yum, and of course the company just awesome.

The air here is so clean that you can see for miles across. The picturesque view being too perfect to be true .

The rooms , sorry didn’t click any pictures , though I promise to do so when we visit the homestead again, have an old world Victorian charm. The wooden flooring , French windows overlooking the lush green valley below together with a little fire place ready to be to set on fire, all make the rooms cosy and really inviting. I can hardly wait for my next visit and stay and 'am really looking forward to sitting out in the lawns and sipping my cup of tea as I bask in the melow sun. For those of you wanting to run away from the exhausting, traffic jam filled , smog clogged, noisy metropolis this would be a refreshing change.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sewing Up Something Again

Sewing Machine Cover

Heloo...I was at work again. Couldn't keep my fingers from fiddling and I managed to sew up a cover for my sewing machine.I just wanted to take a break from my crochet project and managed to sew up this machine cosy. Now my sewing machine looks cool and cosy. Hope you like the cool blue lacy cover.

Currently I am working on a crochet basket , being made from cotton yarn ,which I have dyed with natural color/dye. Hope I am able to complete it soon so that I can share it with you all .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful world

Beautiful World: The Wellington Winter Carnival

In my search for discovering beautiful things around me , the Wellington winter carnival definitely fits in. A beautiful sunny morning , loads of happy people and music around, and the bright and colorful stalls all making it into a picture perfect day. Loads of craftsmen and vendors from in and around Wellington , Nilgiris, had gather to sell and showcase their stuff. Wellington is a quiet little village close to Coonoor with most of its evergreen hills covered wit tea gardens.This beautiful heaven on earth has a beautiful and rich military history to add to its charm.

As I settle down with my cup to tea in my cosy room to share this event with you, all the shouting and noise that filled the air this morning still rings through my ears. A picture perfect setting for a picture perfect event.

I also did my share of buying and bought some beautiful roles of crochet lace and I am really excited about the new projects in which I am going to use them.

I got yards and yards of this gorgeous lace.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful World

The evening sun

Just sharing a few snaps of the beautiful evening sun. Love the way the sun's rays come from between the hill ranges causing shadows and making the landscape even more beautiful.This little sleepy village basking in the golden light just before the dark covers it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cup Cozy or Plant Holder

Hey hey ..I finally managed to finish one more project dispite the general hustle-bustle at home.And again, I still haven't been able to decide whether this should be a cup cozy or a plant basket.I have chosen these bright firey colors to add some warmth to the living room. Its simple crochet .I have just done the sc stitch and the dc stitch in alternating rows.

Learn how to single crocket dc:click here

Learn how to double crocket dc:click here

Thursday, January 13, 2011

crochet tutorial

For those who would be keen on going through a detailed tutorial of how to crochet the little flower you can get it from attic24.typepad.com. Once you have mastered the flowers let your imagination and creativity run wild and you may just come up with some wonderful things you can do with the little flowers.
Keep reading and posting.